Our History

Since its modest beginnings in 2004, AS Group went through a major transformation period, managing to successfully respond to the challenge set by customers, to become the complete solution for market needs.
Our history is the evolution of thoughts, talents and professional ethics of two people, the founders of AS Group, transposed into the destiny of a business that formed on the principles of the family institution.
Apparently, the distinct professional training of the two founding members, one person of figures and the other a redoubtable and passionate “sales person”, defined the later path of the group, thus creating an interdependent portfolio of services.
The interdependence of our services, but above all the quality of the way we offer them, is the recipe through which our customers, once they come to us, stay with us and become part of the AS Group’s tradition and family.
We moved from a “do-it-all” company to “do the right thing” company. In this regard, we have become experts in integrated services offered to our clients.

We are the AS (ace) in the sleeve of any business!


If you want to be a great player at the successful businessmen’s table, our business services workshop is the solution for any company on the market.
Thanks to our accumulated experience, we are always looking to meet the needs of our clients, to advise and guide them to the most effective and efficient solutions.
The client and his needs were always the top priority for us. That’s why we like to say that the people we call “client” are part of the AS Group family and they recommend us with enthusiasm.