Legal Services

„If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.” Winston CHURCHILL

From the very beginning  a company needs a legal consultant. From establishing the legal form to the preparation of various documents and decisions, AS GROUP can assist you through its experts and partners.

  • Consultancy and legal assistance regarding the registration in the trade register, tax registration and authorization of the operation of limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, branches and subsidiaries established by a company domiciled in Romania or by a foreign entity;
  • Consultancy and legal assistance regarding the registration of changes in documentation of the companies – the name of a trader (company), the emblem, the transformation of the legal form of a company, the seat of the traders or their branches in the same county, the extension of the duration of operation of the companies, functioning of the companies, object of activity (updating, extension, reforming etc.), updating the object of activity according to CAEN, increase of the share capital of companies, reduction of the share capital of companies, transfer of social shares, shares, temporary suspension of activity resumption of the activity of the companies, exclusion or withdrawal of the associates following an irrevocable court decision, the merger or division of a company, the dissolution of LLC with a unique associate, the establishment of secondary offices that do not have branch status (work points, radios), etc. .;
  • Consultancy and legal assistance relating to the organization and operation of commercial companies;
  • Preparing organization and functioning regulation statue of commercial companies;
  • Assistance to the general meeting of shareholders / shareholders;
  • Consultancy in the field of voluntary liquidation according to the law 31/1990 republished and modified;
  • Contracts related to management and operation;
  • Assistance regarding the change of the share capital, the conversion of receivables into shares, the analysis of the legal requirements regarding the dissolution, division, dissolution of the companies
  • General tax consultancy, drafting reports, legal opinions on the application of tax law regulating: corporate tax, value added tax, income tax on non-residents, taxation of individuals;
  • Tax advice, representing the drafting of legal opinions on the application of the provisions of the Conventions for the Avoidance of Double Taxation;
  • Assistance during controls by tax authorities;
  • Representation in the relationship with tax authorities;
  • Assistance and representation in the fulfillment of the legal procedures for challenging the controlling minutes and the taxation decisions and any acts issued by the public authorities in the field of taxation;
  • Assistance and representation before the courts competent in litigation on tax issues;
  • Local financing negotiation / renegotiation;
  • Due diligences, merger and acquisition assistance;
  • Documentation review for mortgage and real estate loans.
Labor Law
  • Consultancy and legal assistance on the current activity of the company’s clients in the field of labor legislation: drafting of special clauses included in the individual labor contracts and assistance in their negotiation, verifying the execution of the individual labor contracts, applying sanctions, exercising legal actions, drafting and negotiation of collective bargaining projects, drafting internal regulations and rules;
  • Consultancy and legal assistance in the individual and / or collective dismissal procedure;
  • Consultancy and assistance in conducting disciplinary research;
  • Drafting due-diligence reports on labor law;
  • Representing the clients of the company in the relationship with the public authorities in the field of labor law
General legal advice
  • Regularly updates regarding appearance of new normative acts, as well as modification or abrogation of the ones in force, with express specification on the applicable law related to the object of activity of the client;
  • Preparing, negotiating, amending commercial contracts and other agreements (sale, purchase, leasing, distribution, partnership, joint venture, loan, convenience, crediting, mandate, representation, pledge, mortgage, assignment, construction, maintenance);
  • Establishment, deletion, execution of real guarantees;
  • Consultancy in the implementation of preventive procedures (preventive conciliation, ad-hoc mandate);
  • Preparing the project or the reorganization plan and supervising its realization under the best conditions;
  • Preparing the economic and financial analyzes needed to establish the causes that led to the cessation of payments and forecasting the possibilities for recovery;
  • Preparing valuation reports of assets or assets to be sold by sale;
  • Preparing the liquidation plan.


  • Provides quick and optimal solutions
  • Provided services are in line with any type of activity a company may develop, regardless of the field in which it operates
  • We deeply understand the needs of our partners by offering the highest quality services.