Human Resources

„I don’t pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages.” Robert BOSCH

Human resources are the most important asset of a company. They ensure the success of any activity and this is the reason we need to permanently invest in our people.

In order for you to have time for new projects, AS GROUP can take over a part of your monthly activities and coordinate staff development activities.

We offer payroll, management and consulting services designed to ensure an efficient human resources management.


Payroll is a sensitive point due to the large volume of legislation regulating this area, as well as the correctness of the salary calculation and declaration in time.

We offer you :

  • Audit of the payroll process and solutions to improve it
  • Procedures and working instructions for specific payroll activities (overtime, annual leave, night hours etc)
  • Centralization of data entry and salary calculation
  • Issuing payroll and payslips
  • D112 statement submission and issuing payment orders for tax obligations
  • Various analyzes and reports according to your requests (budgets, holidays, medical leave, etc.)
  • Assistance in implementing legislative changes in the payroll field
Human resource management

AS Group specialists will ensure the management of the necessary documents and the observance of the deadlines in which they must be prepared and registered.

How can we help you ?

  • Initial package of documents required for employment (labor contract and related declarations)
  • Job descriptions and its annexes
  • Addendums/ decisons for modifing working conditions
  • Documents for closing employment contracts
  • Staff assessment documents
  • Legislative update.
Human resources consultancy

When using this service you can benefit from the expertise of our  HR specialists by opting for one-step collaboration on one of the topics below:

  • Drafting internal regulation book and various internal procedures and code of ethics for staff
  • Elaboration of the evaluation and assesment criteria for the annual evaluation of the employees
  • Drafting the organizational structure
  • Assistance in choosing a labor protection provider
  • Training and staff development (identifying needs and setting up a training plan, conducting in-house training programs)
  • Internal communication (consultancy for developing the internal strategy, design of internal newsletters, design and implement incentive programs)
Recruitment and selection of staff

AS Group specialists will treat each project uniquely, starting from the initial discussions on candidate’s profile and business context, going through the process of attracting, assesment and recomandation of candidates till the end of the recruitment project.

Audit of human resources activity

Human resources audit can be an important lever in the process of organizational change.

Do you think about making changes in the company and want to know the actual situation of your human resources department?

AS GROUP specialists can help you with specific analizes to identify weaknesses on  human resources processes in the three important areas: payroll, administration and recruitment.

Why Outsource Your HR Service?

  • ensures the accuracy of the salary calculation, the observance of the deadlines and the legal provisions in force
  • transfer time-consuming administrative activities to qualified staff
  • the key functions of the company can focus their efforts on bringing value to the business, knowing that they have the support and expertise of a specialized partner
  • the company’s management constantly benefits from consultancy in solving delicate and important situations in the human resources area

Roxana JINGA