„Internal audit is all that an administrator should do, if he had time and knowlege.” Jacques RENARD

Audit services represent the business card of a company’s management regarding its financial credibility to all those interested, be them shareholders, employees and clients or tax authorities, banks, suppliers and customers. Its purpose is to determine if the financial statements fairly reflect the actual image of the company. The audit work is based on sampling the company’s activity using an accurate sampling procedure in order to learn and understand the customer’s activity

The main parameters taken into consideration during the learning process are:

  • the field of activity, the regulatory framework and the financial reporting aspects specific to the industry in which the company’s activity is situated;
  • the organization’s particularities;
  • the relationship between objectives and the management strategies and the risks derived from possible financial and management errors;
  • the tools used for measuring the financial performance;
  • different internal control procedures relevant for the general audit.

We perform audit activities for both Romanian companies and foreign companies present in Romania.

The audit services we provide are the following ones:

  • Financial audit for the annual financial statements;
  • Financial audit for the consolidated financial statements;
  • Review missions for the annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements or interim financial statements;
  • Assurance missions;
  • Other missions and professional services in accordance to relevant international standards and regulations adopted by CAFR;
  • Internal audit;
Internal Audit

The management’s responsibility is to protect the organization’s assets by adopting stringent risk management procedures. Through our experience, the internal audit services may help you increase your business efficiency.

Our work consists in:

  • identifying ways of strengthening and improving the policies and operational procedures;
  • evaluating the efficiency of property use;
  • identifying the important processes and ensuring that they work effectively;
  • ensuring that the existing control program is respected;
  • identifying weaknesses in current practices and providing practical advice to improve activity.
Financial audit

Financial audit is dedicated for organizations that have to realize such an audit by law or want recommendation, acting expert opinion on three key directions:

  • Assessing the risks of material misstatements in the financial statements presentation;
  • Designing and applying audit procedures to reduce the assessed risks at acceptable levels;
  • Preparing a written report on the audit results.