„Opening a shop is easy, keeping it open is an art.” Anonymous

It is tempting for business owners to manage their own accounts, but it is always preferable to delegate this to specialists. You will make time for other aspects of business growth.

We are a team of professionals who believe in building a unique, customer-friendly system to “translate” the numbers so they can be easily understood and make the best decisions about their own business.

In over 15 years of activity we have gathered around us dedicated and competent people who are keen to keep up with the latest information and communication technologies so we can constantly increase the quality and speed of our services.

Accounting analyzes and tax consultancy support partner companies in two ways: on the one hand, it contributes to the development of managerial decisions on optimizing the company’s activity and, on the other hand, it is an insurance policy for a correct relationship with the authorities.

Financial accounting

Responsibility is the essence of AS Group. We are constantly allocating time to study legislation and practice in the field. We have set up systems and procedures that allow us to solve even the most complex requests in a timely manner.

The accounting services are performed both at the AS Group’s headquarters and at the client’s premises, part-time or full-time.

1.1.1. Financial Accounting Services:
  • Chronological registration of accounting items based on primary documents
  • Records of fixed assets, calculation, evidence and recording of depreciation
  • Synthetic and analytical evidence on customers and suppliers
  • Prepare the monthly balance
  • Preparation of the Journal Register, Inventory Register, VAT Logs and Large Book Logs
  • Calculation of monthly and quarterly payment obligations, preparation of payment documents
  • Preparing and submitting monthly and quarterly, semestrial and annual tax and tax reports to the authorities
  • Drawing up and submitting the balance sheet (not certified / certified by an accountant expert)
  • Archiving financial-accounting documents, within capabilities
1.1.2 Checking accounting work

The mission of checking accounting work  is to obtain a guarantee of a true and fair view of all records and papers of all operations, through spot checks, in real time or periodically, in order  to minimize the possibility of accounting errors.

The verification of the accounting work also includes the verification of the calculation and tax declarations. The verification services offered by AS Group can be applied either to all the accounting work, or they can focus only on certain key aspects of the client’s activity, as requested.

Cost accounting

AS Group can provide you with accounting management services to determine the correct costs, such as:

  • Accounting of inputs of goods or raw materials
  • Stock Sheet Accounting
  • Keep track of stocks inventory management
  • Preparation and registration of entry and receipt notes and consumption notes
  • Evidence of primary sales documents
  • Accounting reports management
  • Import and export accounting
  • Accounting for outputs of finished products, goods or services
Managerial Accounting

Understanding the relationship between management and accounting as one of the most important within a company, AS Group has structured some of its services so that management accounting reports can be a useful tool.

In this respect, our specialist’s analyses provide the managerial team with the necessary indicators to make the best decisions. We identify, quantify, collect, analyze, process, interpret and transmit financial and non-financial information used for planning, implementation and control.

You can choose from the following services:

1.3.1. Develop accounting policies and procedures:
  • Assistance with the selection and implementation of an integrated accounting software;
  • Analysis of accounting information flow;
  • Consultancy in the reorganization or restructuring of the accounting department;
  • Assistance in the preparation and / or implementation of accounting policies and procedures;
  • Elaboration of accounting monographs appropriate to the client’s activity.
1.3.2. Fundamenting through financial analysis:
  • Calculation of results on cost centers and profit centers;
  • Analysis of the profitability threshold;
  • Segmentation by type of activity determined according to the company’s profile;
  • Drawing up the revenue and expenditure budget;
  • Calculation and analysis of the main economic and financial indicators based on the balance sheet and the financial statements;
  • Making financial diagnosis to improve financial performance.
1.3.3. Consolidation of financial statements

Consolidation of financial statements for accounting information taken from a group of companies is one of the most effective ways to homogenize and centralize.

Due to the general experience and professional competence gained in over 15 years of activity in the Romanian business environment, we offer quality services in the area of financial consolidations / financial re-profiling.

Insolvency / reorganization accounting

AS Group is a company that, thanks to the experience gained in accounting analyzes for companies in a state of insolvency or reorganization, supports the liquidator or the financial administrator to identify possible frauds, to evaluate chances and ways to recover money in this type of situation.

The services provided by AS GROUP to companies in insolvency and reorganization refer to:

  • Preparation of the initial financial statements
  • Inventory of assets and liabilities
  • Verification of accounting activity
  • Current accounting services
  • Payroll services
  • Calculation of taxes + preparation and submission of declarations
  • Document retrieval assistance
  • Prepare the final financial statements
  • Prepare various reports
  • Adjustment of taxpayers’ synthetic accounts
Financial Support Services - Business Process Outsourcing

Upon customers’ request, AS Group can offer business process outsourcing services.

How can we help you precisely?

Business Processes of Suppliers:
  • Managing suppliers databases;
  • Processing invoices from suppliers;
  • Providing payment via Internet banking providers;
  • Checking payments made via internet banking.
  • Drafting various reports on payments made
Business Processes for Customers:
  • Drafting invoices for sale;
  • Tracking collection of receivables;
  • Creating databases for collection;
  • Provide invoices to customers.
Business processes related to employees:
  • Payment of wages / advances for travel via internet banking;
  • Assistance in preparing and correcting of expense accounts;
  • Verification and processing of travel documents
Accounting support services

Based on the experience we have gained so far, we can offer our clients the following related services:

  • Submitting requests for declaring / deletion / change of registered office and work points at D.I.T.L / Trade Registry;
  • Submitting requests and statements of non-residents, etc. to ANAF and the Office of Money Laundering;
  • Obtaining Taxation attestation paid by non-resident legal entities;
  • Obtaining ANAF / DITL tax certificates
  • Obtaining Certificate of Economic and Financial Indicators from the Financial Administration
  • Regularization of the fiscal record at the Financial Administration
  • Acquisition of Single Control Register and other standardized registers
  • Assistance for registering / removing as VAT payer
  • Assistance for registering / removing buildings and cars at DITL
  • Assistance for file transfer ANAF / DITL
  • Assistance for temporary suspension of company activity
  • Calculation and Payment of Local Taxes and Fees
  • Assistance with opening bank accounts
  • Assistance in obtaining tax records
  • Assistance in registering the cash registers

Why work with AS GROUP?

  • Dynamic, customer-oriented team
  • Significant experience in proposed areas of collaboration
  • The key functions of your company can focus their efforts on bringing value to their business, knowing they have the support and expertise of a specialized partner
  • The company’s management benefits from constant consultancy in solving delicate and important situations in the tax and accounting area