About Us

AS GROUP is a leading company in Romania in the area of ​​accounting services, accounting expertise, mergers and liquidations of companies, tax consulting, financial and business, payroll and audit, juridical services. The company was born 15 years ago in a bold initiative and became a successful business through total dedication of management and our employees.

Continuous growth of the company and our reputation are  due to a sustained activities governed by basic principles such as: identifying and fulfilling our customers’ requirements, business quality, business ethics, increasing the responsibility of each employee to continually improve the quality of services, experience, preparation and professionalism.

Through our slogan Your business culture, we want to make our business vision more visible , which is to provide to our clients business development solutions that they can access anytime and to benefit in for long term. We intend to assist the client, as if we are part of his team.  We are proud that we have the necessary skills for this and even more so as to give the best to our customers.

In this business area the biggest and difficult challenge is to get measurable results in the true sense and experience of the last years has shown that this is possible only through a personalized approach for each client.

AS GROUP –  CECCAR and CCF member